On Psychological Therapy

I offer variety of short and long-term therapy options. What are you looking for your life and in therapy?

Your needs are important as they help us to focus our work and I can help you with that. The length of therapy depends on your current issues and concerns as well as your life situations. During the initial meeting, together we will explore your life and experience; what you are interested in exploring in therapy and identify problem areas. We will then discuss how we can start to address these issues, how we might work together and what approach we would take.

The outcome of therapy is important. I imagine that you want to have a better understanding of your experience, keep on learning how to improve your life and begin to change those important areas of concern. Therapeutic approach, focus of therapy and perhaps most importantly, the quality of the therapeutic relationship are the key to success; therefore it is important that you can build a trusting relationship with your therapist.

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You will begin to see improvements and relief from symptoms during the first 8 to 10 sessions, however this requires you begin to work on yourself daily and commitment to change.

Brief or time-limited therapy (such as cognitive behaviour therapy, CBT), focus on removing symptoms, getting initial relief from anxiety and distress and enabling you to cope better in your relationships, work and life. We know from extensive research literature that human qualities such as the ability to tolerate stressful situations, individual robustness, different ways of coping, resilience, sensitivity and so on start developing from infancy. Your brain and nervous system began to form already during pregnancy; therefore it is important to remember that your behaviour and psychological wellbeing will not change for good overnight but will adjust when you care for and nurture it constantly.

On Long Term Therapy

Long term psychotherapy is designed to address and change deep-seated issues and roots of human behaviour, perception, belief patterns and relational problems which have been part of one’s life from from early childhood. Many psychological and mental health issues begin to manifest during adolescence, but not all teenage difficulties lead to psychological problems. Most of us have quite a tricky time during the teenage years.

A large amount of research suggests that people who stay in longer term therapy generally cope better, feel happier, have healthier relationships and are more in control of their lives.

In both short and long term therapy we will look at your attachment style; how your form relationships and how they might support your quality of life.

What we do in therapy sessions?

My work is experiential. With this I mean that I focus on your experience; changing things through experience and relational contact rather than just talking about things. We know from research that only mindful awareness and the felt experience create lasting changes.

I believe that effective psychological therapy is an interactive, dynamic exploration; it has intention, focus and curiosity. As we all exist and live in relationships, I am interested in the quality of how we relate to each other; how we talk and how we interact together.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes (sometimes EMDR, couples/ family therapy sessions may last longer). The purpose of the initial session is to find out more about each other: you will get to know more about my working style and I can learn more about you and your hopes and needs as well as expectations of therapy.

After the initial assessment session (or sometimes 2 – 4 initial sessions) we will have a better idea of what works for us.

As with all health and medical professions our work is confidential. We can discuss the limits of the confidentiality.

If you are interested, I suggest that we book a time when we can meet for an introductory session. For fees: please contact me via my contact page.